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Learning can be THIS fun at SS's! Children engaged in musical and arts education at Sera Schools enjoy a host of personal, social and intellectual benefits. We also know that they enjoy themselves. With private, semi-private, & in-home options, our choices fit your needs.

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Recitals are a great opportunity for SS's students to display a semester of hard work and ultimately a celebration and recognition of the culmination of this work. We also encourage and invite all family members and friends to attend these unique events.

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Sera Schools encourages students of all abilities and ages to strive to reach their individual potential. We honor these achievements through our extensive achievement awards. This added motivation often encourages students through the placement of goals.

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Jonathan Gorst - BM

Connect with an arts-inspired community, attend unforgettable recitals, and be a part of the excitement that Sera Schools is bringing to Colorado arts! Sera Schools is dedicated to excellence in music education, developing new programs to meet the needs of our students and to presenting educational opportunities that accurately reflect Colorado's unique multicultural social context.

Jonathan Gorst is the Roaring Fork Valley Area Director for all Sera Schools Music Programs. If you have specific questions or comments or would like to explore the possibility of hosting SS's programs at your school location, please contact Jonathan today at: (866) 611-7558 ext. 2 or


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Sera Schools offers music programs, music instruction & professional music education for all ages.
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