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Sera Schools takes great care in finding the appropriate class for each musician. You can view our course descriptions which give a list of the skills, which students learn at each book level. This list can also assist you in deciding which class would be the right fit for your skill level. Once you register online, our Scheduling Coordinator will contact you for a complimentary phone consultation.


The following list is a sample of questions that may be asked during the consultation:

  • How old is your child?
  • What school does your child attend?
  • What musical experience does your child have?
  • What goals does your child/do you have?
  • Does your child your child respond better to a more firm teaching style, or a more relaxed teaching style?

This is valuable information for the correct class placement of your child. In addition to gathering information on your child's musical goals and previous classroom experience, we also take great interest in your child's personality. While all of our teachers undergo the same thorough and on-going training, Sera Schools takes pride in offering diverse teaching styles in the classroom. Our Scheduling Coordinators will be sure to find an appropriate match for your musician.


  • Is your class schedule available on the internet?
  • What are my payment options?
  • How long are sessions?
  • How do I switch to a different day and or time?
  • How can I check my status on the waitlist?
  • How do I cancel my classes?
  • What are "class consolidations?"
  • How do I request a specific teachers?
  • Do I need to change classes when my child earns a ribbon or guitar pick?

Is your class schedule available on the internet?

No. SS's extensive course listings are not available online. We feel that it is important that we incorporate a personal touch by having our professional Scheduling Coordinator's save you time and energy by helping you find the appropriate class. At SS's we do the work for you! 

What are my payment options?

Payment for lessons can be completed by logging onto your SS's account and clicking on the "Billing Information" tab to enter your credit or debit card details. Invoices/payments are processed on the 1st of each month with the exception of your first payment, which is processed on the first date of scheduled lessons. Your semester balance is added up and then divided equally amongst the months for which you are enrolled providing you a consistent payment for each month.

If you would like to pay-in-full, please contact your Scheduling Coordinator and request "payment-in-full."

Tuition is agreed to be paid for the duration of the session upon registering for class(es)For additional information, please refer to SS's Policies.

How long are your sessions?

Our schedule offers 2 options to fit your busy schedule. Option #1 is a semester long commitment (Sept. - Dec. or Jan. - May) and is a great option for students who wish to keep a consistent semester of lessons typically one lesson per week.  Option #2 is our mini sessions, which are 2 months long with lessons twice per week.  Mini sessions are offered twice per semester giving you options. The majority of SS's students take lessons for 30 minutes per week but we also offer lessons in 45 and 60 minute increments.  Students wishing to increase their studies can also take multiple lessons per week.

How do I switch to a different day and/or time?

Please contact your regions Scheduling Coordinator if you wish to switch classes & our staff will work to fulfill your request. Our Scheduling Coordinators will help you find a class that works with your new request, or place you on a wait-list.

How can I check my status on the waitlist?

There really is no status, nor is there a way for us to accurately give you a time frame for when a class may come available. Not everyone is looking for the same day, time and level. We will call you when a class has availability and you will have 24 hours to call us back and reserve your spot. If you do not call back within 24 hours, we will assume the class is not convenient for you and you will remain on the wait list. If you wish to be removed from the wait list you may call us.

How do I cancel my class?

Students who enroll are financially committed to at least 1 school calendar semesters or mini session worth of lessons. After the semester is complete, students are required to reenroll for the following session by contacting your regions Scheduling Coordinator.

What are class consolidations?

If a class is semi-private and has only one or two students enrolled, we will likely consolidate that class due to our high demand for lessons. We will call you first if your childs class needs to be consolidated to give you as many options possible.

How do I request a specific teacher?

We cannot guarantee teachers, nor can we waitlist according to specific teacher requests (day and time only). Our Scheduling Coordinators are familiar with all of our teachers as well as their teaching styles. All of our teachers are equally trained but bring their own individuality to the music classroom. Our staff will make sure you find a good match for your child.

Do I need to change classes when my child earns a ribbon or guitar pick?

Unless your teacher informs you otherwise, classes tend to progress together. Therefore, you shouldnt have to change your class.



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