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"We have been so blessed with Sera Schools Music Programs. Each week they faithfully teach our girls the love and joy of music. Not only are the teachers knowledgable but they truly care for the students. I highly recommend the program to everyone."

- Eric Collom/Eagle, CO

"We have been so delighted with Sera Schools Music Programs, the instructors, and the positive impact that Sera Schools has had on our daughter. She is a music lover because of her exposure to the piano beginning when she was only four!"

- Suzanne Johnson/Wolcott, CO

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Our Method


Learning life skills through music is our philosophy at SS's. Through progress reports, newsletters, online grade reports, and our knowledgeable staff, we educate and inform parents as an important part of our teaching team. We believe that musical child development extends beyond the classrooms and into the heart of our families' homes. In addition to mental musical skills, our students learn emotional skills such as:

  • Listening to and following directions

  • Social interaction and teamwork

  • Respect for oneself and others

  • Overcoming obstacles and facing fears

    Learning to play an instrument is hard work, albeit fun, and requires much effort. How much a child enjoys this work and how rapidly s/he progresses depends greatly on the attitude of the parent(s). It is not only rewarding, but also contagious when children master goals in music (and in life!). By working as a team with our parents and musicians, our staff takes great pride in guiding children through the peaks and valley's of learning their instrument.


    Our mantra at Sera Schools is Pace, Pattern, Compassion and Fun! These four components keep us focused on very important teaching ideas, which are elemental to our vision and program.

    PACE: We know that students need to be challenged, not too much & not too little. At Sera Schools we consider each child's individual needs and they are never confined to the pace of their classmates. Pace keeps the child engaged, learning, and having fun. Sera Schools wants to be a part of your child's musical appreciation for life. Children who are not mentally engaged get bored easily and lose concentration. Pace and energy excites and invites children to learn.

    PATTERN: Orderly progressions make sense to children. Skills are quickly assimilated especially when children see a beginning, middle and end. Children respond particularly to patterns and sequential drills. When they know what is expected from them, they spend their energy on learning, not wondering what will happen next. Patterns allow for repetition, which is the best way for children to learn.

    COMPASSION: A good teacher is kind, but an excellent teacher knows when to challenge and when to hug. Empathy, balanced with love and discipline is instilled in our teaching staff. Our teachers are highly trained to read body language and open up the line of communication with their students. We believe that feelings matter, good teaching matters and children matter.

    FUN: For children, fun is a serious matter. It keeps their spirits open, which invites creativity into the classroom. This makes learning fresh and fun. Learning and accomplishing new skills is better than candy to any child. Making learning playful and exciting is key to accomplishing our goal of teaching children to love music.


    Sera Schools Music Programs are unique in the breadth, reach and impact of its services, and in the continuing possibilities they present to the many communities we are proud to serve. 

    SS's 2014 & BEYOND

    Sera Schools continues to impact musicians through unprecedented growth. With future expansion planned in Garfield, El Paso, and Montrose Counties, Sera Schools is on the verge of providing these communities with our unique music education option.


    Sera Schools offers music programs, music instruction & professional music education for all ages.
    Our instructors are experts in a wide variety of instruments & techniques - ensuring you the highest quality education available.
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