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Little Seras

From the moment we are born, synapsis are formed in the brain that, if stimulated, will increase a child's aptitude for music. If these are not used, they disappear. Singing to/with your child is as important as talking to/with your child! Children who receive early, progressive music education obtain more than just a love of music. They obtain the ultimate head start in learning and critical thinking.



Sera Schools Little Seras Music Program welcomes all children, from 4 months up to 5 years old, to the magnificent world of music. The Little Sera's Music Program weaves together an eclectic variety of traditional, folk, world and popular music with storytelling, dance, games and exposure to real musical instruments to create a unique musical experience for each child plus parent/caregiver. Specialized classes are offered for three different age groups as well as mixed age classes, and the level of activity and musical selection will grow along with your child.

**Sera Schools can offer early childhood programs for parents/caregivers and children or children in a day care or pre-school facility! All programs are play based, build music competency, and add extra vitamins such as exposure to emergent literacy, social skills, developmental skills with motor movement, and beginning math skills! Contact us today.

Class Description

Seras Little Mozart's Music Class(4 months to 5 years) - This class is designed for pre-schoolers who are ready for more challenging and structured musical guidance. Through playful experiences with singing, moving, listening and playing instruments, children will develop fundamental skills such as pitch and rhythm matching that will help them to be successful in future music learning, such as piano and other instrument lessons. Basic rhythmic notation and solfege will be introduced.

Importance of Early Childhood

The influences of music go far beyond the intellectual and physical development of a child. Music experiences contribute to the growth of well-balanced children in sensitivity, expressiveness, and the spirit essential for functioning in a complicated world. Learning about music in a classroom setting provides growth for children in other areas as well.

The effects of music study on the development of a child have long been apparent. The noted Swiss psychologist, Jean Piaget, argued that a child's early years are the optimum period for intellectual development. Between the ages of 2 and 7, children learn through symbols. Music concepts and notation are very symbolic in nature, and thus this age range has shown to be the optimal time to start the study of music.

The Harvard Psychologist Howard Gardner suggests that younger children have the ability to understand music intuitively through performance. They appear to have a genetic predisposition to hear, remember, and produce musical patterns.

In 1999, the governor of Georgia showed evidence to the state legislature that early exposure to classical music can increase an infant’s native intelligence. As a result, the state of Georgia placed in its budget enough money to buy every newborn a cassette tape or compact disc or classical music.

In addition, several studies show improved spatial, temporal, and pattern recognition scores for children who have studied music when compared with a group of children who have not studied music. These studies also show that music instruction is far superior to computer instruction in building the abstract reasoning skills necessary for learning science and math.

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