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Lessons Tri-Module


Lesson options vary depending on your region. The 4 primary lessons available in all regions are Piano, Voice, Guitar, & Violin. Each lesson option offers awards, which students can accomplished as they achieve designated portions of their curriculum.

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Semi-private lessons provide a cost saving option for students and parents. Research shows that students learn best in groups, & that we are well accustomed to this at a very young age. Students "model" behavior for each other, & their camaraderie inspires achievement.

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Individual Lessons are full of learning & fun. Highly qualified SS's instructors coupled with the one-on-one attention of private lessons provides the perfect environment for individualized growth for both the serious student and those that need extra assistance.

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Learning Can Be This Fun At Sera Schools!

Children engaged in musical and arts education at Sera Schools enjoy a host of personal, social and intellectual benefits. We also know that they enjoy themselves.

For more than 4 years, Sera Schools has offered an ever growing options of adult and children's lessons and programming unique to Colorado. Choose from a spectacular selection of private music classes and group music classes including Little Seras. Share the gift of music and the arts with your child and maybe even treat yourself to one of our many adult classes!

Sera Schools' programming is unique to the Colorado communities we serve. We have many innovative programs including our semi-private classes, early childhood development classes, & individual lessons for students of all ages & levels of experience.

Our Instructors

At SS's we have some of the best instructors in the State of Colorado. Every SS's instructor undergoes extensive background checks and training in order to work for SS's. 90% of SS's instructors hold a bachelors degree or higher in music!  

Choosing Your Lesson

When choosing a lesson there are many factors to consider. How serious is your child? What is your budget? What are the goals? Here is a rundown of the benefits associated with SS's lesson types.

Semi-Private & Group Lessons:
  • Great option for beginners
  • Cost saving option
  • Mimics natural classroom group learning environment
  • Students "model" behavior for each other
  • Camaraderie inspires achievement

Individual Lessons
  • Great option for advanced students
  • One-on-one attention
  • Freedom to choose personal supplemental material
  • Expedited path to musical growth
Sera Schools offers music programs, music instruction & professional music education for all ages.
Our instructors are experts in a wide variety of instruments & techniques - ensuring you the highest quality education available.
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