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Current Partnerships

Partnership Categories

Sera Schools offers five categories of partnerships: Early Childhood Music, Schools, City Government/Rec. Centers, Businesses, and Music for Seniors.  Each partnership is a powerful relationship between Sera Schools and the partner organization in which Sera Schools provides high-quality music education programming and/or professional development.  

School (K-12) Partnerships
Recreation Center Partnerships
Early Childhood Partnerships
Business Partnerships
Music for Seniors Partnerships


Sera School’s partnerships are each uniquely customized to meet the needs of the partner and uphold the highest standards of music education. To learn how to create a partnership for your organization, please contact John Fay, Director of Community Partnerships at 970-234-4029 or or click here for more details. 

“I don’t know how you do it, but somehow you pack a week’s worth of learning into 45 minutes. I’m continually amazed by the progress I hear each after his session with you … it is immeasurably beneficial to him. You ROCK!” Note to piano teacher from a parent of student at Wingate Elementary School.

School (K-12) Partnerships

Bacon Elementary, Fort Collins, CO est. 2012 -
Ben Franklin Academy, Littleton, CO est. 2011-

Modeled after Werner Elementary School partnership, Ben Franklin Academy, Sera Schools first South Denver location has seen huge successes in supporting student music education. Students in kindergarten through 8th grade have the opportunity to begin Introduction to Music Classes I & II in Piano, Voice, Violin, and Guitar. These students will continue to develop music skills allowing them to move on to small group and individual lessons. Sera Schools has also partnered to provide BFA support and resources to begin their inagural choir performing a concert in the Spring of 2012.

Bennett Elementary, Fort Collins, CO est. 2012 -

Bennett, an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) for students in grades K–5, is a uniquely international program. In partnership, Sera Schools offers after-school enrichment music lesson programming provided to students ages 5-10. 

Breckenridge Elementary, Breckenridge, CO est. 2010 -

At Breckenridge Elementary, set in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, kindergarteners through 5th graders are offered sequential after-school music enrichment lesson opportunties. Students enrolled in Introductory I music classes build upon their knowledge in order to move on to Introduction II music classes gaining a foundation for continued studies.

Broadway Elementary, Grand Junction, CO est. 2012 -
Brush Creek Elementary, Eagle, CO est. 2006 - 

As one of Sera Schools first ever partnerships, BCES has been very supportive of Sera Schools music education, which cnveniently takes place after-school. At BCES, we serve kindergarteners through 5th graders a sequential music curriculum supporting and reinforcing the BCES music teacher's weekly curriculum.  

Chipeta Elementary, Grand Junction, CO est. 2012 -

Chipeta Elementary is one of two schools in School District #51 to offer Sera Schools exploratory Introduction to Music 8-week courses. These offerings, serving kindergarten through 5th graders, are a part of the partnership, which was formed in 2012 between Sera Schools and School District #51. The Intro. to Music courses are sequential and allow students to gain a window of understanding and experience into the world of music.

Coronado Elementary, Littleton, CO est. 2012 -
Coyote Ridge Elementary, Fort Collins, CO est. 2012 -

Coyote Ridge Elementary is serves as the lesson location for Sera Schools Summer lesson options.

Denver Green School, Denver, CO est. 2011 -

Located near downtown Denver, CO, Denver Green School is a forward thinking school, which partners with the diverse urban community to provide a hands-on educational experience including a community garden. Sera Schools offers small and large group piano, voice, guitar, and violin lessons to students in grades K-8 offering equally diverse music to compliment the vision of DGS.

Eagle County Charter Academy, Edwards, CO est. 2006 -

Continuing the excellence in music programming at ECCA (one of Sera School's initial locations), students in grades kindergarten through 8th graders, Sera Schools offers multiple lesson options for students to study piano, guitar, violin, and or voice. These lesson options offer individual or small and large group instruction.  

Friend’s School, Boulder, CO est. 2012 -

The Friend's School is a unique school, which was started by dedicated parents seeking to provide an educational option that teaches to the whole child. In 2012 Sera Schools created a partnership, which continues seeks to provide musical enrichment opportunties that assist Friend's School students in accomplishing a piece of their educational experience.

Frisco Elementary, Frisco, CO est. 2010 -

Sera Schools offers music lesson classes for students through Summit County School District's service agreement. Weekly after-school classes provide enrichment activities exposing children to note reading and exposing children to music education and appreciation, which they can carry with them for a lifetime.

Grand River Virtual Academy, Grand Junction, CO est. 2012 -
Grant Ranch School, Denver, CO est. 2012 -

Establishing a partnership in the Spring of 2012, Sera Schools and Grant Ranch School (K-8) are working towards providing this large student population with a full pallet of after-school music enrichment lessons including group, semi-private, and private options. 

High Peaks Elementary, Boulder, CO est. 2011 -
Holy Family School, Grand Junction, CO est. 2010 -

Sera Schools Music Programs offers expanded after-school music programs to students in grades K-8. Holy Family's partnership with Sera Schools was one of the initial formed in Grand Junction, CO and offers opportunites for students to engage in all SS's course offerings, which in turn compliments the weekly school music course offerings.

Lab School for Creative Learning, Fort Collins, CO est. 2013

Lab School, for students in K-5 grades, is one of two schools within Poudre School District that partner with the national education reform model of Expeditionary Learning.  Students are challenged to make the connections between the classroom and the outside world. Learning is hands-on, minds-on. The Lab School is a place where kids are encouraged to ask questions, think critically, and develop a love of learning. After-school music will allow students to continue exploratory learning past school hours.

Lopez Elementary, Fort Collins, CO est. 2012 -

Lopez Elementary is a K-5th grade school serving 380 students ranking near the top of PSD's reading profiency schools. Sera Schools is proud to continue to assist Lopez towards delivering well-rounded after school educational programming providing an additional positive enrichment opportunity for students.

Mitchell Elementary, Golden, CO  est. 2012 -
Mortensen Elementary, Littleton, CO est. 2012 -

Offering after-school program options at Mortensen Elementary for students in grades K-6 beginning the Fall of 2012. Sera Schools works closely to compliment the already existing music cirriculum, which includes twice weekly Band and or Orchestra programs. Mortenesen Elementary also boasts a unique program center for children with autism.

Polaris Expeditionary Learning School, Fort Collins, CO est. 2013

Polaris, for middle school aged students, is one of two schools within Poudre School District that partner with the national education reform model of Expeditionary Learning.  Expeditionary Learning harnesses the students’ natural passion to learn and helps children develop the curiosity, knowledge, skills, and personal qualities they need for successful adulthood. After-school music will allow students to continue exploratory learning past school hours.

Riffenburgh Elementary, Fort Collins, CO est. 2012 -
Shepardson Elementary, Fort Collins, CO est. 2012 -
Summit Cove Elementary, Dillon, CO est. 2010 -

As an International Baccalaureate Primary Years School, Summit Cove Elementary School students benefit from Sera Schools after-school enrichment offerings, which focus on the social, emotional, and cultural needs of students.

Tavelli Elementary, Fort Collins, CO est. 2012 -
Traut Core Knowledge School, Fort Collins, CO est. 2012 -

TCKS as it's commonly referred to, is a school with a learning culture based on a content-rich cirriculum built upon the Core Knowledge Sequence. Sera Schools uses music enrichment education at TCKS to build upon student's knowledge through the use of polyphonic instruments (piano & guitar), which academic research has shown a correlation to building upon math and science education.  

Vail Mountain School, Vail, CO est. 2007 -

One of the missions of Vail Mountain School is to prepare students to thrive in a collegiate setting and beyond with life-long purpose and active participation in global citizenship. Sera Schools has been excited to partner with VMS an innovative K-12 private school and one of our initial partnerships. By providing students with affer-school extracurricular music lessons, the prepartion of students to continue to be active partipcants. 

Vail Ski & Snowboard School, Minturn, CO est. 2012 -

In the fall of 2012, Sera Schools began providing musical electives as a part of VSSA's curriculum for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. These music classes are a part of the new enrichment and learning opportunities, which VSSA is seeking to offer. VSSA is the first public winter sports academy in the United States offering students in grades 5-12 flexible opportunties to train 6 days per week for winter sports competition.

Werner Elementary, Fort Collins, CO est. 2011 -

As the first test site for Sera Schools Introduction to Music Group Classes in 2011, Werner Elementary students have experienced multiple extracurricular opportunties through their well organized after-school enrichment program offerings. Sera Schools is excited to continue to be a part of this exciting programming.

Wingate Elementary, Grand Junction, CO est. 2012 -

Wingate is a result of the exciting partnership between Sera Schools and School District #51. Through partnerships such as this, Sera Schools continues to provide support in the area of music education, thus continuing the weekly programming, which students receive and encouraging exposure and opportunities for participation in the arts.

Recreation Center Partnerships

Golden Community Center, Golden, CO est. 2011

Beginning in 2011, Sera Schools has assisted the City of Golden in establishing music education lesson options for children through our Introductory pre-K music offerings. This program has grown in popularity among stay-at-home parents looking for quality educational opportunities for their children.

Grant Ranch Village, Littleton, CO est. 2012 -

The Grant Rannch Village serves a suburb of Littleton, CO offering community activites for residents through their clubhouse. Sera Schools has partnered to increase the community offerings to music education.

Highlands Ranch Community Association, Highlands Ranch, CO est. 2011 -

One of Colorado's largest communities, HRCA provides recreational services to almost 100,000 residences through 5 county recreation centers. Through this partnership, Sera Schools serves a large number children and adults through a number diverse music lesson offerings.

PACE Center, Parker, CO est. 2011-

A state-of-the-art center, the Parker Arts & Cultural Center partnered with Sera Schools Music Programs as the primary lesson provider upon their inception and opening in 2011. 

Fruita Community Recreation Center, Fruita, CO est. 2012 -

Partnering with the Fruita Community Recreation Center, Sera Schools offers the first community based music lessons ever offered in this Western Slope Mountain Biking town. Students of all ages are offered the opportunity to participate in Introduction classes in guitar and or piano.

Early Childhood Partnerships

Vail Childcare, Vail, CO est. 2011 -

Located in the beautiful Vail Valley, Sera School's early childhood music program provides music enrichment classes as a part of the school's daily curriculum on a request basis. Children ages 3-5 years experience Little Seras Little Mozarts Program.

Miller Ranch Childcare, Edwards, CO est. 2011 -

Sera School's early childhood music pgoram provides programming for toddlers during their school day to enhance learning potentials and expose them to musical experiences. These classes are offered on a request basis.

Mountain Montessori, Avon, CO est. 2013 -

Business Partnerships

KidzPlex Inc., Grand Junction, CO est. 2010 -

The first partnership of it's kind for Sera Schools Music Programs, teaching lessons at KidzPlex, a unique center for children's activities including gymnastics and dance. Sera Schools offers a full offering of music classes, which provide opportunities to build music skills and promote participation in the arts at a convenient location where multiple children from one family can conveniently participate in multiple activities in one trip. 

Cherry Creek Dance, Cherry Creek North, CO est. 2013 -

This exciting partnership with one of Colorado's largest dance studios serving over 2,500 students weekly provides two high quality programmings under one roof serving families through a variety of programming and convenience.  Cherry Creek Dance offers classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, acting, yoga, and pilattes.  Sera Schools offering include all instruments and lesson types as well as Little Seras. 

Absolute Dance, Grand Junction, CO est. 2013 -

Music for Seniors Partnerships

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