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Children & Youth

Children & youth engaged in musical and arts education at Sera Schools enjoy a host of personal, social and intellectual benefits. We also know that they enjoy themselves. A lot. Share the gift of music and the arts with your child and maybe even treat yourself to one of our many adult classes!


Our mantra at Sera Schools is "PACE, PATTERN, COMPASSION, & FUN." These four components keep us focused on very important teaching ideas, which are elemental to our vision and programs. Through recitals, progress reports, and achievement levels (ribbons) we provide the atmosphere to accomplish your goals and to see growth.

Sera Schools encourages students of all abilities and ages to strive to reach their individual potential. We honor these achievements through our extensive achievement awards. This added motivation often encourages students through the placement of goals.

Our classes are organized by both age and ability. Student's may be up to only two years and/or one award level difference. These achievement awards, or, Levels, are as follows:


Musical study influences a child far beyond the intellectual and physical stimulus. Music truly can assist in developing the sensitivity, expressiveness, and spirit essential for functioning in this complicated world. Children learned:

PRIDE IN ACHIEVEMENT: At Sera Schools Music Programs, students progress through a number of pieces each week and feel a sense of accomplishment from every lesson.

PATIENCE: In a fast-paced world, learning an instrument still takes time. Children learn that to be good at something takes time and practice.

COMMITMENT: Learning an instrument requires a commitment to practice and the ability to see things through to completion.

CREATIVITY: Self-expression is a major key to successfully playing an instrument. Even when reading notes from the page, the child learns to add his or her own style to the music.

RESPONSIBILITY: Children are expected to have practiced for the lesson for each week. There is a commitment between the child and the teacher. For many children, this is their first exposure to such responsibility.

FUN: The study of music can have a positive impact that affects your child's entire life. Above all, music should always be fun!


Parents play a vital role in their child's musical growth, both because they can initiate the lessons and choose the learning environment, and because only they can create and maintain the atmosphere of interest and encouragement at home so necessary to real pleasure and progress in music study. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Provide a good instrument, keep it well tuned and in good repair.
  • Place the instrument in an area that is well lit and free of distractions.
  • See that your child arrives on time for lessons and with all the necessary books and materials.
  • Keep an open mind if the reaching method is different from the way that you were taught.
  • Help the child arrange a regular practice time and supervise the practice of a very young child.
  • Take time to listen to your child regularly and encourage your child to play for your family and friends. Every opportunity to play for others increases self-confidence, poise and enjoyment of music study.
  • Listen to music together by attending music recitals or concerts. This is a wonderful way to introduce the world of music to your child and to encourage goals. It is also a lot of fun and terrific family activity that will be remembered for your whole lives.

Parent Observation

Some schools do not allow parents to observe lessons. Sera Schools Music Programs does not subscribe to that policy, preferring to leave the decision up to the parent and child. If your child is comfortable with you observing, please feel free to attend any time. Typically the rooms where lessons are taught have additional chairs where you may sit. Please refrain from conversing during the lesson with your child or the teacher.

Sera Schools offers music programs, music instruction & professional music education for all ages.
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