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SS's serves a large number of adult students, offering lesson options specifically catered to the needs and goals of adult students. Our highly educated staff (90% which hold a bachelors degree or high in music) are capable of providing instruction from the novice musician to the Doctoral candidate.


At SS's we realize that our adult students have different needs regarding their musical goals. In light of this, we work to effectively cater your learning experience to your goals and needs. Whether your desire is to learn an instrument, hone in on your skills, perform publicly, or reach the pinacle of music education, we have capable and qualified instructors to assist you in reaching your personal goal.


Music lessons are more than just learning to read music and playing pieces. Pursuing music study reaps many benefits for adults.

"Play Me, I'm Yours"PERSONAL GROWTH: A love for music and relaxation awaits an adult learner. Recent studies have found music lessons with older Americans have less anxiety, depressions, and loneliness. Most adults learn easily. Music enriches the inner self and provides many hours of enjoyment to take one beyond the daily routine of life.

DEVELOPS A LOVE & APPRECIATIONS OF MUSIC: Probably the most lasting value of music study is the love and appreciation of music that is fostered during lessons. The beauty and complexity of music unfolds as you learn about the stylistic characteristics of the different periods of music history, hear and analyze other interpretations and create your own interpretations.

PROVIDES EMOTIONAL RELEASE: Humans have the basic need to express themselves. Music expresses all the emotions of life such as joy, sorrow, and excitement. Music helps create an emotional release in both performer and listener.

INCREASES CONCENTRATION SPAN: The more we exercise our brains, the more they are capable of doing. Learning to play an instrument and read music requires strict attention. To effectively keep a steady beat, play the correct notes, finger properly, and interpret all dynamic marks, a student must continually look ahead one or more measures. Music demands the ability to concentrate and keeps our minds agile!

INSTILLS SELF DISCIPLINE: Did you ever notice in life that you seem to be the most productive when you have the least amount of time? When you have free days, it seems as if the day disappears, and not one thing was accomplished. Music lessons actually help you organize your lifestyle as you set and realize your goals.

DEVELOPS COORDINATION: Music improves coordination between thought and actions. There are 39 muscles located just in the forearm and hand, and at execution rates of technically advanced instrumental play, most of those muscles are intermittently active many times each second. Music performance requires mental alertness, accuracy, and good memory. Imagine the thought process required when playing piano. The eye sees the music and sends a message to the brain, triggering movements of fingers and feet as needed.

INSTILLS SELF-CONFIDENCE:POISE – Successful playing of an instrument gives the student a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Sera Schools offers music programs, music instruction & professional music education for all ages.
Our instructors are experts in a wide variety of instruments & techniques - ensuring you the highest quality education available.
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