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In 2005, Sera Schools Music Programs set in motion a unique program & curriculum, which offered far-reaching changes in the norms of music education. At SS's we've gone from a few lessons in Pacifica, CA to becoming one of the largest music schools in Colorado.

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Sera Schools' students are benefiting from the top music instruction school in Colorado.  As we continue to add new instruments, classes, and cities, we strive to maintain our excellent customer service and high quality instruction which we are well known for.

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Our mantra at Sera Schools is "PACE, PATTERN, COMPASSION, & FUN." These four components keep us focused on very important teaching ideas, which are elemental to our vision and programs. Learning life skills through music is our philosophy. 

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Welcome to Sera Schools Music Programs

Welcome to Sera Schools Music Programs, located in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Summit County, and Vail Valley, Colorado. Sera Schools is the largest music instruction programs in the Central Rockies and Western Slope of Colorado. At Sera Schools we work to effectively meet your needs no matter what level they are at.

Our mantra at Sera Schools is "PACE, PATTERN, COMPASSION, & FUN." These four components keep us focused on very important teaching ideas, which are elemental to our vision and programs.  Through recitals, progress reports, and achievement levels (ribbons) we provide the atmosphere to accomplish your goals and to see growth.

Sera Schools has provided the finest music and arts education to hundreds of Coloradoans from for almost 6 years. Every year, children, students, parents, and adults in 15 cities participate in our programs.

In 2009, we enlarged our scope further and, with the growth into Mesa County, Colorado and the addition of Early Childhood Programing, we are now the largest music school on the Western Slope of Colorado. In 2011 we excitedly broadened our scope to serve the communities of Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins.


Studies have found that from the moment we are born, synapsis are formed in the brain that, if stimulated, will increase a child's aptitude for music. If these are not used, they disappear. Singing to/with your child is as important as talking to/with your child! Children who receive early, progressive music education obtain more than just a love of music. They obtain the ultimate head start in learning and critical thinking.

Sera Schools has a range of professional programs designed to meet the creative needs of the communities we serve and their residents at all stages of their lives and learning.

Sera Schools offers a diverse range of programs, including classical music, jazz, early childhood programs and world music, to students of all ages and levels of ability. We specialize in students who are brand new to music! 


Sera Schools offers music programs, music instruction & professional music education for all ages.
Our instructors are experts in a wide variety of instruments & techniques - ensuring you the highest quality education available.
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